Let the ranting begin!

I like to complain about stuff.

Quite a lot actually.

It’s not that I’m trying to be a negative person or a pain in the arse, ( I am both of those things but it’s involuntary) it’s just that I tend to get wound up by a lot of things happening in today’s society. So much so that I need to vent and let it all out to the first person I see; whether that person is my wife, my neighbour or a crowded bus.

I need a release.

But instead of just ranting and moving on, I also want to try and solve, or at least lessen these issues, or maybe even find out if they are issues at all! It might just be me who has the particular problem I’m complaining about! (Wouldn’t be the first time…)

Hopefully, this blog is the place to do it, as I’m sure my wife is preparing to leave me, my neighbour won’t come out of the house any more, and I’m barred from travelling on the number 55 bus now (which is ridiculous; at least half of the bus agreed with me that the guy sitting at the back did look stupid with a tattoo on his face…)

So who am I?

I’m a nearly 40 year old man with a wife and two kids, a shit job and a mortgage. As ¬†of this writing I have no allergens that I am aware of.

So, if you want to read what the most average man in the world has to say about random shit, then follow this blog, and hopefully I’ll get it off my chest for you.

Let’s put the world to rights, one whinge at a time.


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I'm a miserable, self-righteous git, who occasionally has something worthwhile to say...

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