Contrarianism – Why the Grammy’s was the epitome of Liberal fallacies

Millennials are always playing sensible and completely age-appropriate games nowadays, such as “The floor is lava!” and “Let’s all eat Tide Pods!”, however, they normally last about as long as a Millennial doing manual labour; soon to be replaced by yet another completely grown-up and safe trend.

Keep an eye out for “How long can you keep your hand in the garbage disposal – when it’s switched on?!” any day now…

The game that is currently being played by these little work-shy fops; what I call “The Contrarian Olympics”, is something a little different however. This one has been being played for quite a while now; and there’s no sign of it fizzling out anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting more popular by the day.

Basically, the premise of the game is to take a universally held fact; for instance, that men and women are different in almost every aspect, and then completely flip it on it’s head until it becomes the exact polar opposite. Then, you have to convince people that they have been wrong all along not to believe what you’re saying. This can be achieved in many ways, but the most popular way is to simply call the person racist (even if race is not even involved) and just watch how quickly they’ll believe you! They’ll be marching by your side, placard in hand and shouting to the rooftops about why it’s so important to: “fry pigs in blankets like bacon”.

Like I said earlier, Liberals have been playing Contrarian Olympics for quite some time now, and The Grammy Awards 2018 was a shining example of this.

Riding the crimson wave of the #MeToo and #Timesup movements, the Grammy’s was dubbed as being one of the pinnacles of the “non-white, non-male-dominated”, liberal-soaked, awards carnivals. It was supposed to show that love and respect for women, and people of any other colour than white, were characteristics only shown by people who are on the left of the political and social spectrums.

And it failed spectacularly. Here’s a few reasons why the Grammy’s failed, simply by playing “Contrarian Olympics”:

1) Jay-Z is an “ally” of the oppressed; a champion of women’s rights and a seeker of equality through peace and civility. We should follow his example.

In reality:

Jay-Z once stabbed a man; had a physical fight with his sister-in-law; cheated on his wife; raps about bitches, hoes and faggots; is “all about da bling” (he covets money and riches you dumb-old white guys..) and used to be a drug dealer.

But yeah, let’s look up to him eh?

2) Men are not the focus of the awards tonight; women’s voices have been ignored for too long and tonight is about celebrating them. Women WILL be heard and women WILL be justly rewarded for their work.

In reality:

Out of the 28 main categories, only 1 was won by a woman.


3) Women are more than just sex-objects, and should NOT be objectified in the slightest. We are more than just pieces of meat to be used to sell products.

In reality:

Rihanna; who likes to sing songs about how excited she gets when she sees whips and chains, turned up in a very revealing dress and started hip-thrusting towards Dj Khaled in a “I want you and all of the people watching to dream about having sex with me” – kind of a way.

Oh, and please buy her new record.

But don’t you DARE objectify her.

4) The Grammy’s 2018 is going to show the entire world that our voices will be heard and that we are reaching out to every corner of the globe to spread our message.

In reality:

The Grammy’s 2018 had the lowest ratings of all time, down by 20% from the previous year.

It’s almost as if people don’t want to hear a certain narrative…

In the end, The Grammy’s was a complete and utter failure. Not that any Liberal will tell you that themselves though. Remember; Liberals tend to ignore facts to ensure their own version of events take precedence, and that’s why it’s so important not to get caught up in playing Contrarian Olympics. Just like playing “catch the flaming chainsaw” or “wear a meat-suit while in lion’s cage“; playing Contrarian Olympics will only end in tears.

Facts speak louder than fallacies.

Remember the sky is NOT green and the grass is NOT blue.












Mark Salling – co-stars and fans mourn the death of a paedophile

Yes, you’ve read that headline correctly, cast members and fans alike are mourning the death of known paedophile and former Glee star, Mark Salling.

I’ll say that again: People are mourning the death of a KNOWN PAEDOPHILE.

Salling, who died from a suspected suicide, (though as of the time of writing, this could not be confirmed) was charged in 2015 with possessing and downloading over 50,000 indecent images of children. Pleading guilty to the charges, and facing up to seven years in jail, Salling was due to be sentenced in March of this year after having signed the sex offenders register and entering a “treatment program”.

Because as we all know, being a raging paedophile can be cured…

To me, Mark Salling’s family should be the only ones mourning his death, and even then; the mourning should be primarily about the fact that he died a monster. The fact that former cast members, and fans galore have been mourning his loss is absolutely perplexing to me.

Take this tweet by Matthew Morrison, Salling’s former cast-mate:

Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison

Morrison, who has since deleted the “moving” tribute to his late co-star, certainly isn’t the only person mourning the loss of a convicted paedophile. Scores of fans have been posting their own moving tributes to Salling; all while fully aware of the sick star’s horrific crimes, yet showing no sign of caring.

While I won’t post links or pictures of the tributes in here (due to the ages of the  majority of the posters) I can assure you they are there. Just type in “Mark Salling tributes” in the search bar of Twitter, and you’ll see plenty of posts showing “compassion” and “sadness”.

Thankfully, you’ll also see plenty of condemnation.

Another of Salling’s co-stars – Jane Lynch, was interviewed regarding his death, and while not as fawning as Morrison’s tribute, her response was that of someone remembering the life of an old friend; one who has died from natural causes after living a fulfilling and honourable life. In fact, the closest that Lynch comes to calling out Salling for his heinous crimes is this quote:

“It’s been tough. He was a troubled, troubled guy, and he always was..”

Hardly a damning condemnation eh?

The link to the article in E! News is here:

We all know someone who – “can get you things at a bargain price, so long as you don’t ask where it came from!”

We all know someone who was a “bit of a rogue” in their younger days.

These are the kind of people you can learn to forgive; people who have made mistakes, simply out of desperation or foolhardiness, but who have managed to changed their ways and move on as a person. While they may have caused harm to people, it hasn’t been the kind of lasting harm that effects people for the rest of their lives.

A convicted paedophile however, isn’t someone who can be forgiven.

There are just some lines that can’t be crossed, and along with murdering a child, paedophilia is at the top of the list.

Hollywood has an unsavoury history of ignoring the horrific crimes of some of it’s stars, and it’s always in order to pay tribute to the perpetrators “artistic merit” (see post Roman Polanski won’t be charged with molesting a ten year old)

It’s high time that people; particularly those in Hollywood, stopped paying tribute to monsters like Mark Salling, and remembered him for what he really was:

A paedophile who helped to permanently destroy the lives of innocent children.

If there’s any tributes to be made, make them to the 50,000 victims of Mark Salling’s sick fantasies.








Why the Grid-Girls and Walk On Girls saga will be the death of feminism

Ok Feminists, you’ve finally done it now.

You’ve finally proven to the entire world just how regressive and authoritarian you have become. Anti-feminists have been saying for years how Feminism isn’t about fighting for women’s rights anymore, but that it is now about projecting your world view onto the rest of us Proles. We must say what you say, think as you think, and relinquish all sense of self that we have; all in order for women to RULE THE WORLD!

I mean, you guys aren’t even trying to be stealthy about it anymore. You used to at least try to pretend that it wasn’t about taking power from men, but simply having an equal share of such power. You used to use phrases like “Equality between the sexes” and “feminism is for men and women.”

What a load of clap-trap.

With feminism’s latest attack on “all that is misogynist”, the mask has finally slipped. It’s no longer about women’s rights. Well, at least not ALL women.

I bring your attention to two articles, both of which highlight exactly why feminism has signed it’s own death warrant.

This article from The Sun highlights the story of the Walk On Girls (women who escort the players into the arena) from the Premier League of Darts, being scrapped after the story broke about the infamous Presidents Club dinner at The Dorchester.

(For my take on the aftermath of that story see my post: Presidents Club – why Great Ormond Street are WRONG to return their donations)

The next article is also from The Sun, and brings us the news that Formula One is now axing their Grid-Girls (promotional models used in Formula One) from the sport because:

“We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”

So, the reason feminists are celebrating these decisions?

No surprises for guessing that “the objectification of women” is the top one.

Wasn’t one of the core principles of First-wave feminism, to fight for the rights of women in order for them to be allowed the freedom to make their own choices? I mean, it’s not like feminism is about giving women the right to choose what type of employment they should willingly participate in, is it?

Or is it just the type of employment that most hard-core, extremist, non-conforming, man-hating-anarchists wouldn’t stand a chance of being successful in? Shaving legs, taking care of your appearance and smiling, are generally not something that radical feminists are famous for after all…

Bitchiness aside, I honestly feel that a lot of the negativity towards these type of employment roles, simply stems from one thing – jealousy.

Don’t get me wrong; men get jealous as well.

I’d love to be a strapping 6′ 4″, bronzed, chiselled-hunk of a man, with the looks of Chris Hemsworth and the dick of John Holmes (without the disease of course). My wife would love that too, although she did get excited the other day when watching Thor Ragnarok; when The Hulk came on-screen naked, she started shouting at the TV because she didn’t get to see his: “green Hulk-dick.”

Anyway, I digress…

I’m not however, any of those things, yet I, and most non-feminists (yes, that includes women as well), don’t begrudge people for being beautiful.

We celebrate them.

So what if men are looking at these women because they are beautiful? Do feminists really believe that the women doing this job don’t know that?

Men are often accused of treating women like air-heads, and seeing women as an inferior species who can’t think for themselves. Who’s guilty of that now, fem-tards? You guys are the ones saying that these women, who clearly know what the job entails and who have clearly chosen to do the job in the first place, are being victimised and exploited.

A little patronising, don’t you think?


Also, do women not also objectify people?

Should we ban the use of catwalk models: used solely for the reason that they are beautiful people, thus helping to sell a product?

What about models in beauty-product commercials?

Male and female strippers?

Walk-On Chaperones at awards ceremonies, such as the Oscars?

Actors and actresses?

Pop stars?

These, and many more professions all, to a degree, fall under the same category that Grid Girls and Walk On Girls fall under – the use of someone’s physical beauty to promote a product.

And do you know what else these professions all have in common?

They are all done by people who have CHOSEN to do them.

Two things need to happen here:

  1. The owners of the companies who have ended the employment of so many women, need to grow a pair and stop caving in to such utter nonsense as this. The few don’t speak for the many.
  2. As for feminists and the rest of the PC brigade: just stop. Stop with the idea that’s it’s somehow wrong for humans to be attracted to one another. It’s a part of our nature, and it’s one of the reasons that the human race has lasted so long. The fact that you may not agree with it, doesn’t mean that the rest of us do.

Feminism used to be about fighting for the rights of women everywhere; to be able to make their own decisions, and carve out their own paths in life. Now, it’s simply become a tool with which to indoctrinate and conform; to let men and women know that if feminists don’t like it, then neither should you.

These women are now out of a job thanks to feminism’s new “puritanical” ideals; jobs that these women willingly took part in.

Who would have thought, that feminists would be so against the idea of a woman giving consent and using her right to choose?

Guess what feminists? Men and women alike are all on to you.

In fact, you could say: #Timesup