Travellers destroy Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn UK

I know, I know – “they’re people too” and I just “don’t understand their lifestyles”

Spare me.

I’ve had absolutely enough of tip-toeing around subjects that are deemed taboo, due to ridiculous shouts of racism and a lack of empathy for other people’s situations.

I’m going to make it ABSOLUTELY clear how I feel about Gypsies and Travellers –

I respect the fact that you have chosen to live your lives the way you have; if you want to travel around and live from week to week, then that’s your choice. If you are respectful of the fact that people live near to where you park your caravans, then that’s great.

If you don’t –

 – illegally occupy people’s and business’s property

 – harass people walking near to your site

 – let your kids drive Quad Bikes around the local’s gardens or parks

 – let your horses roam free over people’s property

 – leave gas bottles and rubbish strewn everywhere

 – cause damage to people’s property 

then there shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll give the time of day to ANYONE, regardless of skin colour, creed, religious affiliation or gender choice.

But behave like a moron, and I’ll certainly treat you like a moron.

This story –

comes from BBC News, and highlights exactly why people have such strong opinions on the behaviour of SOME (not ALL – nothing is ALL) Gypsies.

The sheer brazenness of setting up an illegal camp on a working business’s private property, causing £100,000 worth of damage, and then having an aggressive stand-off with Police, as if your behaviour should just be tolerated, is absolutely mind-blowing to the general public.

How do more people in the Gypsy community not see this?

Nobody who treats other people with care and respect should ever be treat poorly, or thrown into the same category as the worst of their community. People who call out ALL Gypsies and Travellers certainly aren’t helping the situation.

However, the ones who are acting in a way that isn’t socially acceptable, absolutely need to be called out; particularly by the Traveller community.

It’s simply wrong that ANY community can be aware of problems within itself and not call those people out. By ignoring or even applauding the bad elements in our communities, we are ourselves to blame for their behaviour.

Any outsider who calls out the poor behaviour of a community is immediately seen as a threat to the entire community as a whole, rather than the poor elements that, in the majority of cases (again, not ALL) the outsider was originally condemning. At the same time, those who call out these bad elements, could do with being a lot more selective about their rage. Saying “all Gypsies” or all anything simply isn’t helping.

Not all of ANY community, race, or religious following is inherently bad.

But the bad elements MUST be condemned – and it must start within their own community first.

After all, a group is only as strong as it’s weakest member.