Contrarianism – Why the Grammy’s was the epitome of Liberal fallacies

Millennials are always playing sensible and completely age-appropriate games nowadays, such as “The floor is lava!” and “Let’s all eat Tide Pods!”, however, they normally last about as long as a Millennial doing manual labour; soon to be replaced by yet another completely grown-up and safe trend.

Keep an eye out for “How long can you keep your hand in the garbage disposal – when it’s switched on?!” any day now…

The game that is currently being played by these little work-shy fops; what I call “The Contrarian Olympics”, is something a little different however. This one has been being played for quite a while now; and there’s no sign of it fizzling out anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting more popular by the day.

Basically, the premise of the game is to take a universally held fact; for instance, that men and women are different in almost every aspect, and then completely flip it on it’s head until it becomes the exact polar opposite. Then, you have to convince people that they have been wrong all along not to believe what you’re saying. This can be achieved in many ways, but the most popular way is to simply call the person racist (even if race is not even involved) and just watch how quickly they’ll believe you! They’ll be marching by your side, placard in hand and shouting to the rooftops about why it’s so important to: “fry pigs in blankets like bacon”.

Like I said earlier, Liberals have been playing Contrarian Olympics for quite some time now, and The Grammy Awards 2018 was a shining example of this.

Riding the crimson wave of the #MeToo and #Timesup movements, the Grammy’s was dubbed as being one of the pinnacles of the “non-white, non-male-dominated”, liberal-soaked, awards carnivals. It was supposed to show that love and respect for women, and people of any other colour than white, were characteristics only shown by people who are on the left of the political and social spectrums.

And it failed spectacularly. Here’s a few reasons why the Grammy’s failed, simply by playing “Contrarian Olympics”:

1) Jay-Z is an “ally” of the oppressed; a champion of women’s rights and a seeker of equality through peace and civility. We should follow his example.

In reality:

Jay-Z once stabbed a man; had a physical fight with his sister-in-law; cheated on his wife; raps about bitches, hoes and faggots; is “all about da bling” (he covets money and riches you dumb-old white guys..) and used to be a drug dealer.

But yeah, let’s look up to him eh?

2) Men are not the focus of the awards tonight; women’s voices have been ignored for too long and tonight is about celebrating them. Women WILL be heard and women WILL be justly rewarded for their work.

In reality:

Out of the 28 main categories, only 1 was won by a woman.


3) Women are more than just sex-objects, and should NOT be objectified in the slightest. We are more than just pieces of meat to be used to sell products.

In reality:

Rihanna; who likes to sing songs about how excited she gets when she sees whips and chains,┬áturned up in a very revealing dress and started hip-thrusting towards Dj Khaled in a “I want you and all of the people watching to dream about having sex with me” – kind of a way.

Oh, and please buy her new record.

But don’t you DARE objectify her.

4) The Grammy’s 2018 is going to show the entire world that our voices will be heard and that we are reaching out to every corner of the globe to spread our message.

In reality:

The Grammy’s 2018 had the lowest ratings of all time, down by 20% from the previous year.

It’s almost as if people don’t want to hear a certain narrative…

In the end, The Grammy’s was a complete and utter failure. Not that any Liberal will tell you that themselves though. Remember; Liberals tend to ignore facts to ensure their own version of events take precedence, and that’s why it’s so important not to get caught up in playing Contrarian Olympics. Just like playing “catch the flaming chainsaw” or “wear a meat-suit while in lion’s cage“; playing Contrarian Olympics will only end in tears.

Facts speak louder than fallacies.

Remember the sky is NOT green and the grass is NOT blue.