Transgender woman sues Muslim woman for refusing body wax service

Here we are ladies and gentlemen.

The time has come for the hypocrisy of Social Justice Warriors everywhere to finally be brought out into the open for everyone to see.

This article form the Daily Wire is what I like to call, “the SJW’s Nightmare”.

Think about it –

You’re an SJW. You love to defend Islam at every possible chance. You also love the Trans community, and uphold the rights of people to identify themselves as any of the 5 million+ genders.

You despise Religion (which is weird considering how much you love Islam…) and anyone who refuses to bake a cake for a Gay couple because of their Religious beliefs, should be shamed in the media and lose their business and reputations for life.

So in this case, where a Muslim woman refused to serve a Trans woman, who is the victim and who is the oppressor?

Obviously the Trans woman is oppressed, right? SJW’s remind us all constantly how we must accept Trans people as whichever gender they claim to be, and under NO circumstances must we question it. Biology? Pfft!

The Trans woman, whom according to SJW logic is absolutely a REAL WOMAN and not a man who wants to be a woman, simply wanted to have a body wax treatment. Oh, but the vile, despicable woman at the Salon refused to carry it out as she is “a devout Muslim and cannot touch the body of a man who is not related to her”.

What a damn Transphobe eh? Calling a Trans woman a man, and refusing service citing “deeply-held Religious views”.

It’s the Gay Wedding Cake all over again.

But wait…

The Bigot who refused to wax the body of a Trans woman is a Muslim!

What on earth?!

We’ve been told all of this time that Islam is a tolerant and accepting Religion, and that if you question ANYTHING regarding it, you are a Bigot, an Islamophobe and a Racist!!

Therefore, by SJW logic, the Muslim woman must be the oppressed one.


This vile, despicable Trans woman (or man as the Muslim woman is clearly calling them) has come into her place of work and demanded treatment that she cannot possibly give as it goes against the very teachings of Islam itself. Her sacred beliefs are being questioned and it is NOT acceptable.

How DARE you question her faith?!?

So, SJW’s – quite the pickle we have here eh?

On one hand, you can stand by the Trans woman and defend her right to treatment. She is a woman with rights, and NO Religious ideals should be used to discriminate against her. The Muslim woman is clearly a Transphobic, Religious nutjob who has committed a Hate Crime, and should be punished justly.

On the other hand, the Trans woman clearly doesn’t know HIS place, and needs to stop playing dress-up and respect the Islamic Religion. How dare this Islamophobic-Bigot question this fine lady’s deeply held Religious beliefs? Don’t they know by now that you must never question or criticise Islam?

Dear SJW’s –

Do you see what you have done?

You’ve created this mess by trying to fit everything you find to be marginalised under one huge umbrella of tolerance, and to hell with the all of the aspects that clash with each other – you can just pretend they don’t exist right?

Remember the Gay Wedding Cake debacle? The Christian Bakers who refused to bake a gay couple a Wedding Cake due to their “deeply-held” Religious views? Remember all of the nasty, vile, disgusting things you called them? How you all said they were “Religious fanatics” and “Bigots” and guilty of Hate Crimes?

Now’s your chance.

Tell the “Religious fanatic” what you REALLY think of her. Tell her that she’s a Bigot, guilty of Hate Crimes against a marginalised member of the LGBTQ community and that her Religious views don’t shield her from her crimes.

But you won’t.

You hypocritical morons won’t say a word against the Islamic Religion, and for good reason –


The only Religion that you lot claim to be off-limits from scrutiny is Islam. You’ve been telling us all for years now, that anyone who criticises, scrutinises or simply asks questions about Islam is Islamophobic, and should be shunned. Even when said Religion goes against some of your core beliefs, you fail to address it and instead –  turn your scorn on Christianity.

The one Religion you can’t get called Racist or Bigoted for mocking.

So I’m going to sit back, grab some popcorn and watch as you pull your hair out trying to decide which side of the argument your going to align yourselves with. Because remember – you’re going to upset somebody.

Islamophobia or Transphobia.

Which one will YOU choose?




Man accused of assaulting 3 young girls says he is a “Trans-age” 9 year-old

I can’t quite believe that this excuse hasn’t been used before now.

A 38 year old man by the name of Joseph Roman, is accused of sexually assaulting 3 girls between the ages of 6 and 8. His excuse?

He is a 9 year old boy trapped in a man’s body.

No. I’m NOT making this up.

I found this story in the Chicago Tribune, and as soon as I read the title, I began searching the story to make sure that the guy hasn’t been given any sort of benefit of the doubt. Thankfully, he has been denied bail – yet I wonder: for how long will this hard-line approach last?

And how long before some SJW-types begin to defend, or at least sympathise with him?

I’d like to say that that would never happen. In reality though? I know someone, somewhere is thinking it.

Check out this article from The Daily Mail –

I need to say this: No, I don’t believe that Stefonknee can be compared to this absolutely sick S.O.B who has raped and sexually assaulted three girls. Certainly not in a sense of any wrong-doing. I’m merely trying to get the point across, that people like Stefonknee, clearly need to be helped by professionals who can assist in giving him the therapy he needs; and not by some progressive ideologues promoting the idea that it’s normal for a married man with SEVEN kids to suddenly decide to dress-up and act like a 6 year-old-girl.

It’s not helpful to anyone involved, particularly his children, who are faced with a Father-less future, all because he doesn’t want to “be an adult anymore”.

The more that people promote the idea that “you can be whomever you want to be”; that it’s perfectly normal for grown men to say they are a 6 year old girl, the easier it becomes to ignore the root problems that these people are facing; much to the detriment of the individual concerned, and to their family.

Particularly where children are involved.

It also becomes easier for people like Joseph Romans to latch onto this way of thinking, and use it for more nefarious ways than to just escape reality. For that, you can thank  progressive-types, who are far more concerned with not offending people than with accepting reality in a biological, and psychological sense.

Joseph Romans has latched onto the idea that all Trans-related issues will be treated with sympathy and acceptance; regardless of the reality. That no matter what: you are who you are, and nobody can tell you any different.

Romans is a psychopathic- peadophile, using the good (if not completely mis-guided) intentions of progressives, in order to excuse or at least explain what he has done to these poor girls; and I’m glad that the Judge in this case has so far seen through this.

But I’m not too sure, that if this kind of situation occurs again in the future, that it will always be the case.

“But I’m really the same age as them your honour. We were just playing Doctor. Every child plays that game…”

You just know that this sort of excuse is going to be used by someone in the future to explain their crimes.

I just hope that progressives don’t start to be reeled in by people like Joseph Roman, for fear of offending them.

Stefonknee clearly has psychological issues; issues which I sincerely hope he can get help with in order for him to face up to reality, and to overcome them for the sake of himself and his family. After two failed suicide attempts, (one before his transition and one after) and the trauma being felt by his wife and children, it’s clear that this help is needed sooner rather than later.

Facing up to our fears and problems, especially with professional help, is the most assured way of defeating them. However, hiding from them, and allowing people to believe that they don’t exist; is only going to hurt those involved in the long-run.

Sometimes you have to run the risk of offending people by telling them the truth, in order for people to be able to heal and face up to their issues. Coddling people, and enabling them to live in a bubble of self-made reality, is only going to hurt them in the long-term.

And will be exploited by some.

















Leave the Kids out of it

Ok, I’m going to be the one who says it.

This is just plain wrong.

Go for it.

Call me intolerant. Call me a bigot. Call me a sexist, homophobic, transphobic, gender-bashing, hate-mongering piece of shit.

I’m not any of those things. But this is going too far.

I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that I’m all for people living their lives the way that they see fit. As long as someone isn’t hurting somebody else, I don’t care. I’ll stand up and defend anyone who is being bullied because of their Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual preferences, how they want to dress or what they want to look like.

That’s every adults choice to make and I’ll defend them from persecution every time.

But this?

A 10 year old boy who likes to dress as a Drag Queen decides to start a club for other like-minded children?

This is a child.


The “Child” in question (I highlight the word Child as I honestly believe this boy has been forcefully pushed beyond the realms of childhood) is named Desmond Napoles, a 10 year old from New York (who’d have thought eh?) who is known on the internet as “Desmond is amazing”.

This is quoted from Desmond’s website:

“At age six, Desmond expressed boundless joy when he received an Elsa costume from Disney’s movie “Frozen” for Halloween. After that, he often asked for princess costumes or dresses while out shopping. Soon, he often wanted to wear his dresses outside of the home. Initially uncertain if they were making the right decision for allowing him to do so, Desmond’s parents quickly and fortunately realized that the source of their uneasiness came not from Desmond’s personal choices, but from their own misgivings about how the outside world would react. It was as simple as defeating those feelings, accepting Desmond as he is, and respecting Desmond’s own tastes and preferences.”

The part of the quote in red is where I’d like to focus my attention.

When you have children, you have to make decisions for your child; choices that children are unfit to make due to their age, life experience and understanding of complex situations and societal norms. Leave it to a child to make decisions regarding their safety and up-bringing and you’ll generally find that they eat nothing but sweets and soda, test to see if a fire really is hot and cross a busy road without paying heed to the truck barrelling towards them.

The fact that Desmond’s parents had doubts about allowing him to dress up in dresses not just inside the house but outside as well, tells me everything I need to know about the whole situation. As a parent you generally go with your gut instinct on situations you’ve never come across before; your first instinct is almost always the correct one. You can’t gamble with your child’s future, particularly if it means putting said child in the firing line of all sorts of people and scenarios that a 10 year old is not capable of fully understanding or dealing with.

Desmond’s parents have gambled and allowed their child to behave as a fully responsible adult when he clearly is not. If he wants to dress up in women’s clothes when he is old enough to understand the impact of his choices, then fine. All power to him. But he is being allowed and actively encouraged to make decisions about his life that even a teenager or an adult would struggle with, all in the hope that his parents portray to people that they are “doing the right thing” and “promoting a sense of inclusion and progressivism”.

There are easier and less harmful ways of teaching a child about inclusivity and tolerance, without the need to throw them into the pool of life and see if they swim or drown.

Children should be protected, not exploited.

The whole situation reminds me of the young child actors in the ilk of Macauley Culkin and Lindsay Lohan; pushed and encouraged into acting by their parents at incredibly young ages; unaware of the dangers and pitfalls of the life they were being pushed into, all in the name of making their parents rich.

Everybody knows what happened to these two young actors, and the dozens of child stars who were unable to cope with being prematurely promoted to adult status. I hope beyond hope that the same doesn’t happen to Desmond.

Let him be a child.

He’s 10 years old, and at 10 years old he should be worrying about nothing more than what sandwiches he has in his lunchbox, and not having to deal with the amount of ridicule and abuse that he will surely be receiving now, and in his teens from intolerant assholes in the world. It’s bad enough dealing with that as an adult, never mind as a child.

Like I said earlier: live your life the way you see fit. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else with your life choices I don’t care.

Desmond’s parents are hurting their child with their choices.

So I DO care.