Terror: the forbidden discussion

Here we go again people, here we go again. Another week on the Terror express that is sweeping Europe and the World. And it ain’t slowing down.

1 killed and several injured in Charlottesville, USA

15 killed and over 100 injured in Barcelona, Spain.

2 killed and 8 injured in Turku, Finland.

So where next? Where will be the target for the next over-the-top statement of ideologies?

The easiest way to answer that one is to grab a map, open it up, close your eyes and point.

It could literally be anywhere.

And that’s one of the two things that are scaring me the most.

The other? Not being able to talk about it.

You’re racist if you say it’s Islamic terrorism, and a Snowflake if you say it’s White Supremacy.

You’re an Islamic sympathizer if you say it’s not Islamic Terror and a Nazi if you say it’s not White Supremacy

It’s “bloody immigrants” say some people.

It’s “Lone Wolves” say another.

It’s everything to do with Islam/White Supremacy.

It’s nothing to do with Islam/White Supremacy.

Who do you believe? What opinion should you have?

Personally, I think all of these statements play a part in seeking an answer.

Does that mean I hate Muslims, Immigrants, or “foreign people”?

Does it mean I sympathise with Nazis or White Supremacists?

Absolutely not. I abhor anyone who uses their Race, Religion, Creed or Morals to justify killing and harming other people.

What I hate is that people are killing and maiming innocent people across Europe and the rest of the World and nobody can tell me why. Throwing out terms such as Nazi and Islamic Terrorist are equally useful and useless.

They are useful when they are describing people who openly adhere to the title that they are being given; James Earl Fields Jr is a Nazi and a White Supremacist who used his beliefs to justify killing Heather Heyer and attempting to kill many others, and the Terrorists who ran over people in Barcelona are Islamic Terrorists as they are using Islam as an excuse to justify their actions.

They are useless when you label an entire group, Race or Religion the same as it’s extremists. The majority of ALL races are decent people and we need to remember that. The majority of ALL Religious ideologies are decent people, and we need to remember that also.

There’s good and bad in every group of people in the World, no matter how many catergories you divide them into. The trick is to single out the bad ones and not worry about upsetting an entire group.

The good will always outweigh the bad unless we continue to label entire groups the same as their worst elements.

The bad, however, will outweigh the good if we continue to think that our own group is perfect and free from judgement.

Nobodies Race, Religion or ideology is perfect, and that is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

We need to condemn the worst elements of all the World’s ideologies – even when it’s our own.



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Heather Heyer – a needless death

No matter your views on why the Charlottesville rally happened or who was to blame for the violence, there’s one thing that we know for certain.

Heather Heyer was murdered because she had different beliefs than her killer.

Heather went to Charlottesville to counter-protest the White Nationalists who themselves, were protesting the removal of a Robert E Lee statue.

And now she is dead.

A scumbag, detestable, White Nationalist moron ran his car through a crowd in the deliberate act of aiming to kill people he didn’t agree with.

And he succeeded.

White Nationalists, and any other group of people who use their race and beliefs as an excuse to hate others and espouse theirs views on other people are the lowest form of scum that exist. For there to still be racist people in this day and age, the 21st century, is beyond my comprehension.

It really is time for this to stop.

Two sets of beliefs came together on the day of Heather’s death-

Heather believed that people should come together and fight injustice and racism.

James Fields Jr. believed that he had the moral right to kill somebody that didn’t believe the same principles as himself.

You can disagree with somebody all you like, but to kill somebody because they don’t believe the same things as you is abhorrent. I’d like to think that everybody else agrees with that.

The sad thing is I don’t think they do.

Heather Heyer’s death was needless

And that is why a line needs to be drawn and people, no matter your political affiliation, need to unite and put a stop to this entire “It’s your fault”/”No, it’s your fault” rhetoric that is threatening to divide the entire world.

Her last social media post was this –

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

Nazis, White Supremacist, Racial discriminators –

Pay attention – we are ALL outraged.